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Property Information

ATTICA, Κατηγορία Ακινήτου: Κατοικία, Σκοπός: Ενοικίαση, 15000 €


EKALI renovated detached house 900 sq.m., 3 levels, ground floor, bright, front, 6 bedrooms (the 4 master), built in 1990, 5 bathrooms, wc, villa, furnished, on a plot of 1300 sq.m., heating : autonomous heating with central installation, heating medium: oil, air conditioning, fireplace, security door, unlimited view, parking, storage room, garden 1000 sq.m., playroom, no utilities, free, residential zone, renovation 2010, floors: parquet, marble, EKALI, Agia Marina, rare Architectural detached house - villa 900 sqm, on a plot of 1300 sqm, on 3 levels, with internal elevator, fully furnished, close to parks and sports facilities, excellent reception areas, underground parking spaces for 4 cars, autonomous heating with oil , semi-basement space (playroom) 340 sq m completely independent, can be used as a separate apartment or even an office, with all the super comfortable master bedrooms, impressive reception areas, many auxiliary spaces, many wardrobes, electric generator CAVEA, cooling-heating, air conditioners in all areas, 2 fireplaces, separate kitchens, solar water heater 500 lt, alarm, satellite, the villa is available for rent, rental price €15,000, Exclusive assignment, www. almareastatehellas. com - Property Sales and Management - (ID:39251687 ), ALMA Real Estate CHARICLEIA STOUKA, contact phone: 6977414581 (WhatsApp - Viber), e-mail: , the police ID and the tax identification number of the interested party are required to indicate the property, (Law 4072 /11 -4 -2012 Official Gazette 86 A), signature of brokerage mandate is required. www. almarealestatehellas.com -Property Sales and Management - (ID:39251687 ), ALMA Real Estate CHARIKLEIA STOUKA, contact phone: 6977414581 (WhatsApp -Viber), e- mail: almarealestatehellas@gmail. com, necessary police ID and the VAT of the interested party is necessary for the indication of the property, (N . 4072 / 11 - 4 -2012 ΦΕΚ 86 Α), signing of a real estate order is required, The location of the property on the map does not represent the exact location of the property, but the wide- area near it. The details of the properties mentioned in our ads come from information from the owner/s, or from property titles. Checking the correctness of these data is performed by an engineer of the interested buyer., διαθέσιμη από κατόπιν συνενόησης, τιμή 15.000€ (39251687)


  • Τύπος Ακινήτου: Villa
  • Σκοπός: Ενοικίαση
  • Κατηγορία Ακινήτου: Κατοικία
  • Όροφος:
  • Τοποθεσία: ATTICA
  • Επιπλωμένο: Fully
  • Κατάσταση: Εξαιρετική
  • Ενεργειακή Κλάση: Υπό Έκδοση
  • Θέρμανση: Αυτόνομη
  • Μέσο Θέρμανσης: Πετρέλαιο
  • Είδος/Θέσεις Parking: Κλειστό,3+
  • Θέα: Απεριόριστη
  • Κουφώματα: Αλουμινίου
  • Τύπος Δαπέδων: Μάρμαρο & Ξύλο
  • Ζώνη: Οικιστική
  • Προσανατολισμός: Ανατολικομεσημβρινός
  • Πρόσβαση Από: Άσφαλτος

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